UPDATED 7.8.19:


So in 2018, we released 4 new songs through all of the streaming services out there. It was our first batch of songs since our 2016 album "A Stereophonic Listening Experience". While we loved getting back together again to make music with each other, we're even more excited to tell you this...WE ARE BACK! We're working on new songs and will be returning to the stage within the next few months!


There will be some changes, which anyone who knows We The Ghost should always expect lol. Our ability to roll with the punches is really the only reason we've been able to stay around for this long (8 years... wow!). That being said, we are super sad to say that our best friend and co-founder Matt McHan as decided to step down from his post and focus on his life outside of music. While there were plenty of tears when we heard the news, we also know that the other 3 founding members Jocelyn Rowland Khalaf, Dain Samuelson, and myself are all still here and still have a passion for creating music together. As long as that passion and close bond is there, I'm not sure we will ever stop.


While things might never be exactly the way that they were, we're are confident that we will once again be able to turn lemons into lemonade... or pizza... or chocolate milk. You know, something awesome. Now I want chocolate milk.


That's all for now. We love you all and can't wait to see you soon.


Stay tuned!


Viva La Ghost,

Beau Tyler We The Ghost


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